Colour Range

Finding a shade sail or structure to suit your requirements is so easy with our high quality shadecloth ranges. The extensive colour options mean you can choose the right colour to suit any application while providing the best UV protection and coverage.

All of our shadecloth products are far superior to standard retail shadecloth and will provide years of protection without wearing, tearing, or fraying.

Our 6 Year Warranty on stitching and 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee gives you peace of mind that your new shade sail or structure will easily outlast off the shelf products and provide you with shade and comfort for years to come.

To view our extensive colour range, simply select your required shade option below.

Shade Sails

custom shade sail over business entrance

Perfect for shade sails, our Z16 range offers the ultimate in UVR protection (up to 99%) and can dramatically reduce heat and glare in your outdoor area.

With 24 rich, vibrant colours to choose from, you are sure to find a hue to suit your requirements.

Shade Structures

yp shade solutions shade structure copper coast putt putt

Where superior strength and stability is required on a larger scale, eXtreme 32 heavy duty shadecloth offers outstanding performance in harsh conditions while providing up to 95.8% UVR protection.

eXtreme32 is perfect for shade structures which have unique, architectural requirements, or for large, high tension shade sails.

Wet weather is no match for our DriZ range of waterproof shadecloth which features a long-lasting plastic membrane to keep you dry. Contact us to find out more about this product. 

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